Fort Ord Dunes State Park

Fort Ord Beach Ranges
The Fort Ord Alumni Association (FOAA) is working closely with California State Parks in developing interpretive materials for the former Fort Ord beach ranges. Fort Ord Dunes State Park includes 979 acres of the former Fort Ord
west of Highway One including 15 former ranges. The property is now under State Parks control and the property title
is in the process of being transferred to State Parks. Much work has been accomplished to remove hazards from the
land, and restore it to a natural state. The park is currently open to the public for pedestrian and bicycle use. As soon
as the property transfers, public vehicles will be able to enter to park at the former Stilwell Hall site. Eventually, a new campground will be built, the first new State Park campground opened in this part of the California coast for several decades.
To help preserve the important history of Fort Ord, and to educate the public about the former uses of the firing ranges, FOAA and State Parks are developing interpretive signs that will be installed on what was formerly Range 8, a Known Distance Range. These signs will show visitors what the area looked like and how it was used for over 50 years (1940-
1994). Later, the few remaining buildings on Range 8 (tower, classroom, target storage) will be repaired and may also house interpretive materials.
It is hoped that the public will get a chance to appreciate just how vital this area was in training infantry troops. Over
its life, Fort Ord trained hundreds of thousands (some claim 1 million) of soldiers for service in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and other conflicts. These beach ranges were a critical component of that training and combat
readiness. Preserving this history is a worthy endeavor.
Submitted by Matt C. Bischoff, Historian with California State Parks


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