This transition is a natural. For 50 years, Fort Ord prepared the nation's youth for survival in its defense around the world; now CSUMB prepares youth to survive the world of the 21st century.

"...The California State University...recognizes and values the distinctive history, culture, and mission of each campus." Adopted by the CSU Board of Trustees, November 1985.

Enjoy history? Did you or a member of your family serve a nation at Fort Ord, California? From cavalry units at the beginning of the century through decades as a training center, and through the development of the Light Fighter division of the 1980's, hundreds of thousands of veteran and government civilians lived, trained and worked at Fort Ord, California. Everyone with an interest in preserving the history and cultural contributions of Fort Ord while advancing California State University, Monterey Bay, founded on 1,365 acres of what was once Ford Ord belongs with the Fort Ord Alumni Association (FOAA).

On June 1, 1996, California State University took a unique step forward in the transition from an active military base to the 21st century campus of the CSU system with the initiation of the Fort Ord Alumni Association. The Association represents a new king of university-veteran relationship. Keying on the ties held by former Fort Ord veterans, and their positive feelings toward this particular form of "turning swords into plowshares," the association involves members in the university advancement, particularly in the development of scholarship funds.

Historical preservation and awarding scholarships are our goals. Newsletters and the CSUMB.EDU/foaa website keep the membership informed and involved. For information and membership contact:

California State University, Monterey Bay
Fort Ord Alumni Association
100 Campus Center, Bldg. 97
Seaside, CA 93955-8001

Phone: 831-582-4116
Fax: 831-582-4117